Wednesday, June 08, 2005

i am 947 years old, give or take 10 years

You can choose to believe or not. It does not really matter either way, this is more for me then anything else. i will be leaving certain dates, names and history out on purpose as in the end i must protect myself.

The account i'm using has nothing to do with me nor does the person who owns it.

Thank you,

Before i begin, you the reader must have an open mind. I'm not a writer nor do i claim to be.

It is usually very dangerous to tell my secrets to one single person. It is a heavy load to bare as it would jeopardize my life and that of whom i tell. After careful thought and consideration i decided this blog medium would be perfect for me tell my tale to those who are interested enough to listen or should i For me it is, i guess a form therapy... you know that need to tell something that you know you should not. i am after all, part human, hehe.

Yes, part human. The other half is some form of demon. It is really hard to tell which as i've never meet my father (he was/is the demon) and there are so many different types of demons. They all have different powers and abilities. But i'll get to all that later. i'd like to give you a bit of basic information about myself and others like me.

Let me start by introducing myself. my name is sintedros (sin-ta-dros). A name given to me by my father, so i'm told. i am 947 years old, give or take 10 years. i'm a light skinned black male, brown eyes (usually), tall with what used to be long straight black hair. It's short now as the latter attracts to much attention. Lastly i'm very handsome. i know what your thinking but i'm to old to gloat or be vain, thats just what i am. Most would say it's a gift but normally it's a curse.

In my time i have done some good to help the world and mankind. But there was a time, a dark time, when the mere mention of my name brought fear into the hearts of men. This was a time i am not proud of and if i had it to do over i would. Again that is another story.

What i choose to share with you now though is how i came to be. For most part, not all half demons start off as some great and horrible beast of lore. There are many who have and will go through life not even knowing what they are or could become.

It takes a great act of evil on the part of the half demon or someone else to trigger the change. Which brings us to me. As i have said i am very handsome, so for me having my pick of women was easy. At times it was even boring. There was no thrill of the chase as they say. Every once in awhile though, some women would make my blood boil. As fate would have it i meet such a young women who's beauty rivaled that of that gods and of all places i meet her at a bar or a tavern as they known.

When i walked into the tavern amongst all the noise and smoke i noticed her right away. She was the barmaid. She was of medium height, very nicely built and long dark brown hair. Her face was slim but very symmetrical and here eyes were so honest looking it hurt just thinking about what a man thinks of when he sees a women like this.

It was snowing outside, normal for that time of year for where i was. i had a hood on and kept it so till i reached a table toward the back. When i sat down and removed my hood i saw that i had caught her eye. So much so she bumped into someone almost spilling her drinks. There was a rather large man sitting at a table closer to the bar who also noticed me and the barmaids reaction. He looked quickly to make sure she was ok then gave me a dirty look. This i was used too, he was probably her husband. All the good ones are always taken. I returned his glance with a small smile and looked away for the barmaid , after all i was thirsty.

................................................. ................................... .........................

............................................................................... ....................... ............................

Forgive but something has come up, i will have to continue this later.


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